Welcome to Gwen’s Twisted Limbs Yoga

Come and enjoy some yoga ….

A deep bow of gratitude to you, for letting curiosity guide you here ~ We have designed this site with you in mind, so that you know where and what I might be teaching, plus enjoy my videos and join in on my blog, which I have renamed ‘bogel’.

My intention is to create a space where we can feel a sense of unity, harmony and flow. I will share my take on yoga as a universal body language or art form, that is much more than simply poses. It is found in all our adventures through life, as we expose ourselves to new people, animals, places, rituals and environments.

My practice, my teachers, and my students have inspired me towards this jumping off point. A leap of faith with tons of breath to keep us filled to the top with inspiration. It is with great gratitude, deep humility and unbounded passion that I offer all I have learned to all who are interested and curious. So stay tuned for some weekly goodness via bogel (blog) for we will travel on this journey together, navigating the forever fluctuating sources of inspiration ~ LIFE ~

Your Twisted Sister,